What Does Your Leeds Wedding Photographer Mean with Documentary Style?

Leeds wedding photographerOne of the most often used style in taking wedding pictures is the reportage style. You might have come across a site of a professional Leeds wedding photographer with the word reportage or documentary style. You might have some guests about it and some of you might not be sure what that’s about.

So, here’s a brief guide of what it is and what is a good reportage style in wedding photography.

Documentary or reportage

The two terms can be used interchangeably as they mean the same thing. It is a style that is often used by journalists who wish to capture pictures of an event. They document the event, aiming to not miss a single thing and wants to tell the story of the day through those pictures. They deliver the message and feeling of the people in that event through those pictures.

As wedding photography only began to gain popularity after the photographers who worked in war zones had nothing to shoot post-war, this is the most popular style until today. But no worries! The style that we know today isn’t the same as we had back in those days. Everything changes according to trend and the taste of people today. There’s also the fact that cameras have gained much advancement!

Monochrome and candid

Back in the days, wedding photography was never a service that couples would personally hire. There will be a bunch of photographers who’ll stop by, take pictures, and offer to sell those pictures to the people there. That’s also why the pictures would look candid all the time and, obviously, in black and white.

But today, the meaning of these two results is different. If you stop by Kirsty Mattson Photography, you will see the result of the pictures taken by a professional Leeds wedding photographer. If you compare the results between colored and black and white pictures, we tend to get more nostalgic for the latter. That’s what photographers aim. You might like it because of how it looks authentic and elegant.

Candid is the way in the documentary because it won’t be so if the people keep looking at the cameras all the time. But hold up! It does not mean the pictures will all be candid. There will be time to take posed and formal pictures. The same applies to black and white effect. Not every picture you have will be in black and white only.

Working method

Different photographers will work in a different way for your wedding pictures. But there are still some things that you can see in every Leeds wedding photographer with reportage style. That is how those photographers tend to work behind the scene.

They usually remain quiet behind the scene, capturing one moment after another without missing a thing. Because of this, they tend to be careful about their planning and make sure to know what will happen by getting your itinerary first. They will plan everything, capturing things from angles you didn’t know would look good for you. You should enjoy this method as it practically will not disturb you at all!

What You Can Expect as Parents in Baby Photoshoot

baby photoshootThrough this short article, we want to help you know what to expect in a baby photoshoot. It will help you prepare yourself and expect only the things that can happen in it.

Your involvement

Expect the fact that you will be asked to help in the session. The photographer will do his best to take the pictures, move the baby to a certain post, but it is the parents’ skills to encourage the baby. Sometimes, the baby is too shy to express himself in front of a photographer but gains confidence again once the parents enter the field.

The photographer also prefers it if the parents handle the baby most of the time. Photographers don’t know the best way with your baby because only you do!


We know some photographers expect their baby sot act in a certain way during the session. Some expected their babies to be surprised by what was prepared, but they got a less than intrigued look from the baby. Others might have their own expectations towards what is going on in the studio. But remember that this session is to capture precious pictures of your baby!

A professional photographer will do his best to make the baby interested in the session. However, it’s never always the case no matter how hard everyone tries. It’s best that you focus more on enjoying the session and makes sure that the baby also loves what he’s doing. He might not understand it, but it’ll surely make the session worth it!

We want you to check out some pictures in a baby photoshoot by www.stephenbrucephotography.co.uk. You can expect any professional baby photographer to capture pictures like these.

Introduce the baby

Before you jump into the session, be sure to provide some time to let the baby know the photographer. Sometimes, the baby can get very uncomfortable with people they are not familiar with. It can get absolutely quiet and the baby might even cry!

The best thing to do when you arrive is to let the baby be introduced to the photographer. It will make the baby more used to the photographer’s presence and relax around him. It’s also best to hire a photographer who really cares about babies and give their all in taking their pictures. Having a baby as a model is always harder than you can imagine. You can’t direct them or even teach them; you have to move according to their mood!

Enjoy the whole thing

You cannot force the session to go through a certain direction. Nobody knows what is going to happen, although there is already a set of plans from your photographer. All you can do is to help the baby enjoy the session because that is what you will be seeing. Carry an extra set of clothing in case that things get messy (which happens in birthday bash!) and ask your photographer for things to prepare.

We hope that this quick guide gives you a brief of what you can expect and do for your baby photoshoot session! Do bookmark it in case that you want to look back again and check out our other posts on photography.

Hire A Photo Booth on Your Wedding Day

photo booth hireThere is so much to spend on when it comes to weddings: food, decorations, photography, videography, entertainment and so on.

But amidst it all, there is one rather important aspect of the day that you just might forget. And that is how your guests will be entertained, and how they will have fun and let themselves loose.

The focus of the wedding is on the couple, but forgetting that your guests also need fun is not appropriate. Moreover, putting them in mind when making wedding plans is a big way to say thank you. This goes beyond food and music, but on how they can also have their own special memories they can always remember your day by.

That is why you should hire a photobooth. The moment guests see the photo booth, they know you have them in mind. You will only have to wait until the reception to see how your guests will flock to have fun in the photo booth.

Yet, the photo booth holds much more promises.

Let the Party Begin

Your guests can have their own small, memorable photo albums. They will forget the food and probably the music, but seeing those pictures taken in the booth will provide an instant recollection of your wedding day.

Moreover, they will definitely let themselves loose in the photo booth. Guests who happen to be couples or lovers will not readily kiss in front of the photographer to have their pictures taken. But they will happily do so in the confines of the photo booth.

It is why the photo booth has been likened to having an “alcoholic effect” even where there is no alcohol.

Also, it provides a platform for many of your guests to mingle and get to know themselves. Wouldn’t it be nice for a couple of your friends to attribute their meeting and marriage to the photo booth you provided two years ago at your own wedding?

A Different Feel

Have you been thinking of how to make your wedding day different from the usual, mundane weddings? Think no more! Hire a photobooth from http://www.smartpicsuk.com/photo-booth.

To be honest, weddings can be particularly boring if not properly planned. Long speeches, slow music, dry jokes from comedians and MCs, and the long hours. But with a photo booth, your wedding will feel so different: lively, exceptional and something to remember the day by.

Dependable Second Hands

We are in a world where mankind is using technology to greatly enhance himself, doing much more work effectively. The photo booth can do that for you and your photographer.

It doesn’t negate the agreement you might have had with your wedding photographer. the photobooth gets you more pictures, and more memories. Moreover, by the time the photo booth is fully in use, especially in the evenings, your wedding photographer might just be tired.

Affordable with Zero Work

If anything, hiring a photobooth won’t cost as much as a wedding photographer and will still provide you with unforgettable memories and moments. Hiring a photo booth is an effective yet inexpensive option that gives you maximum value and return for your investment.

You also don’t have to do anything. Just hire a photobooth and let it work for you and your guests.

5 Wedding Photographer Don’ts

wedding photographer AdelaideThe taboos that wedding photographers should never do are back! We know that this is not a new thing but is always worth repeating. You know, just in case someone comes to the wedding with a fedora.

Make sure you avoid doing these 5 things and no one will hate you. Promise.

Setting up a camera in front of posing a couple

In other words, unprepared. A wedding photographer Adelaide that makes his subjects wait for him to set everything up? No offense, but the couple is so busy on that day that waiting for you aren’t supposed to in their schedule. Prepare your gears before the wedding day and make sure you know which setting to use for which pose or location.

First consultation

The first meeting always says it all about you. Let’s face it, we judge people even before we talk to them from when they enter the room, their smile, their expressions, their movements. Did you, perhaps, remember that others judge you the same way as well?

A lot of photographers don’t take their first consultation seriously probably because they know that many who come never find them back for the second time. We understand that, but part of it was probably because you didn’t present yourself well enough on the first date.

Hates the rain

The rain is the enemy of wedding photography. Wrong! If you make natural phenomenon as your enemy, you are going to make yourself hard. Face it; rain happens if it wants to, not because it wants to curse the day or make your day worse. If you have the guts and creativity to handle it, you wouldn’t think so badly of the gloomy weather.

Check out some work by a wedding photographer Adelaide at panacheweddings.com.au to prove yourself wrong.  If you just prepare in advance and understand that rain will happen sooner or later, you will be ready when it actually happens and still get great shots.

Flash everything dark

Does everything dark have to lit up? Well, if it’s dark, the obvious action is to turn up the light. If the location is dark, that’s where the flash functions. But, remember, your job is not to become a journalist, but a wedding photographer. Creativity is needed in all conditions let it be rain or dark outdoors. How you handle is the key here.

Not everything has to brighten up. Have you ever thought of light painting photography? That’s one type of photography that can only be done in the dark and you don’t need your flash to do it. Make use of the dark for your photography because there is always a way.

No backup!

This is the worst. Once you run out of battery, that’s it. The party has to stop just to wait for you to charge your camera. You never know what can happen in the middle of the job and the party can never stop or wait. You have to be quick and ready to take pictures of everything.

Your back up gears should include at least one extra of everything: camera, battery, lens, memory card, as a wedding photographer Adelaide.

Is Wedding Photography Overpriced?

wedding photographers WaterfordA lot of people never realized that among the many things they have to prepare, hiring wedding photographers Waterford cost a lot more than they thought. It’s simply too expensive to get someone to snap some pictures for you and that’s probably what you think, too!

If that’s how it is, let us help you understand why a wedding photographer is so darn expensive. And you’ll even be able to get a glimpse of how to find the best photographer.

Time to concentrate

Multitasking isn’t something that we can do. However, in photography, it’s almost impossible. A wedding photographer cannot work on multiple jobs at once while still delivering his best. If he wants each client to receive the best result, he has to focus on each job and not try to work on too many at the same time.

The time needed for a photographer to concentrate on a single job is what makes this job so expensive. It’s a time-consuming job that happens behind the scene. After the couple of hours shooting at your wedding, comes the weeks’ worth of editing the pictures. A great editing is, of course, one that comes after hours of patience.

Less job to do

Because a professional photographer will do his utmost to deliver the best, it means he has to forgo several others. They may risk his job and the quality he can deliver should he force himself to take on too many at once.

But a photographer still need to earn his money. They go to the printing of your pictures, to the hours spent on your wedding, rehearsal, hours of meeting and consulting with you when you were just a potential client. One of wedding photographers Waterford from www.goldenmomentsphotography.ie explains that it’s extremely challenging because people tend to think photography isn’t hard work. It is and one that requires patience.

Nothing less than perfection

Everyone, including you, hopes for perfection for your wedding picture. It’s a pretty unrealistic request, but for something that is only to happen once, it’s nonetheless not an unreasonable one. Because of that, it’s all the more so important that you also find a photographer that does his best to bring a result that is closest to perfection.

A photographer of that caliber won’t be trying to coax his clients into signing the contract just because he’s selling cheap. It’s not something we’d recommend to photographers as well because it means they’re not selling based on their quality, but price. In wedding photography, however, that’s the opposite of what you wish for.

Overpriced or not?

The subject of whether something is overpriced or not can be subjective. We’ll leave that to your budget. However, we’d suggest a price floor for you in hiring wedding photographers Waterford. Depending on the hours and number of photographers you hire, it can range, but with a wedding album included, you shouldn’t be hiring your photographer for less than $1,200.

The average cost is around $2,000 per couple, but there’s no need to conform to this number if you don’t think it’s necessary. Just remember that you shouldn’t swipe quality just to save a few hundred dollars.

How to Get Your First Photography Client

photographer HampshireGood at talking doesn’t naturally come for photographers. The thing with seeing things from behind a lens usually makes a photographer Hampshire stay as an observer rather than talk with others. It might also be true that it’s hard for a photographer to try and please his clients with words.

However, it’s one of the most important quality one needs to thrive in the business world. While training your photography skill is obviously as important, too.

Engage in conversation

Whenever you first meet your clients, remember to engage in a friendly conversation with them. Your goal is to become a friend that can show support for their wedding by becoming a photographer. It’s not easy, but if you give yourself a goal like that, it’ll become easier.

Clients need to feel like they’d love to have you around and take their pictures. One of the biggest worries that people often don’t realize is that they might not enjoy the company of their photographer. Guests might not even like that person and it’ll reflect on the pictures. It’s not about getting yourself liked but making yourself presentable and someone that people won’t mind having around.

Be enthusiastic and curious

You can do this by showing enthusiasm in the job which may cause you to appear curious. If you think of the job as a challenge, it’ll probably pique your interest to find out more about the venue, the event and everything else. You’ll then appear as enthusiastic and your clients will also be more eager to talk to you. Let them see the side of you that shows you’ll do your best for them.

www.mooreandmoorephotography.co.uk is the site of a photographer Hampshire who is known to be the best. Showing enthusiasm was his best forte; clients tend to trust in his skills whenever he mentions it to them.

Act like you are

Of course, it’s also important that you act like how you want to show yourself to be. Do you want to appear professional? Then, it’s time to take the necessary steps to become one. Get a decent camera, have back up of it, and keep honing that skill of yours. You should also continue to participate in organizations and competitions for photographers. Clients like photographers that compete with others because it’s a sign that they are learning to be better.

Another way to show them is to show your proof of insurance. Meaning, show them that you’re serious about the job and will take out insurance to protect your job and also your clients. This part of taking necessary precautions can also be taken as a professionalism on your part.

The last thing that can be said is to mention that you’re limited in terms of taking up jobs. It’s not brag, but to tell them that you need to focus on each job and thus, will not take too many on if the schedule won’t fit. There are lots of photographers who like to take up as many as possible, blinded by profit. Tell them that you’re not like that and is serious about maintaining your quality as a photographer Hampshire.

Your Guide to Beautiful Natural Funeral Flowers

natural funeral flowersIt isn’t wrong to say that someone’s death anniversary means more than their birthday. More than ever, we want to show our deepest respect for the people who are left. It’s our last goodbye and we want to be able to at least present the most suitable natural funeral flowers.

Sometimes, it’s not about getting the most beautiful, but also meaningful and flowers that are not offensive. Because of this, learning the etiquette is important. Of course, most of the time the florists are capable enough to help you but understanding it yourself can prevent more heartbreak and embarrassment at the funeral.

Are flowers always appreciated?

Yes, the flower is a very lovely language that is vibrating with life and beauty, yet silent and a very patient observer. It’s always suitable to order flowers for any kind of funeral even if they mentioned that you should make donations in lieu of flowers.

In that case, you can make a separate donation first and then send the flowers to the loved ones of the deceased. A heartfelt gift like this will always be appreciated.

Should I go with ‘somber’ or ‘vibrant’ colored flowers?

Most of the time, we want to show our respect for the family, yet, we do not want to contribute to the already gloomy atmosphere. We want to give a vibrant colored flower arrangements hope that the family can quickly regain their composure and be able to move on for the deceased one. But we also want to show that we, too, feel the loss.

Both are fine. Most family members truly appreciate them and as long as you accompany them with heartfelt condolences messages, don’t worry about having your intention misinterpreted. You can also find http://www.briarroseflowers.co.uk/ for better advice and idea in choosing the right natural funeral flowers for you.

Casket flowers: Should I put some?

Casket flowers are usually meant for the family members or the people who are really close to the deceased one. If you’re not sure, you can ask the loved ones of the deceased if you can put one for respect.

When you don’t know which flowers to use, you can start with a type of flower that the deceased might have loved. You can also consider the favorite color of the deceased one. If you never had a clue about it, you should consult with your florist about it and discuss which flower is most suitable and meaningful to be put on the casket.

Remember that this is a hard time for the loved ones. If you happen to be rejected, appreciate the decision they made and send sympathy flowers instead.

Funeral flowers or sympathy flowers?

Natural funeral flowers that tend to be made into a wreath to put the deceased picture on is usually called funeral flowers. Whereas the ones that we send to the loved ones that are left are called sympathy flowers.

Funeral flowers, such as a wreath, are meant to respect the deceased one while sympathy flowers are to show sympathy with the left ones. The name is meant to differentiate the purpose of the flowers and with each, different ways to arrange them exist.

Differences That Make You a Professional Wedding Photographer Cardiff

wedding photographer CardiffA lot of people can call themselves a wedding photographer Cardiff, but the adjective professional makes a huge difference between them. There’s a necessity to know that being a professional is not something that comes with time; it’s something that you have to consciously cultivate from time to time. In fact, if you don’t do it right, the chance to become professional becomes even slimmer.

Hence, it’s important that you read this now and decide how you should begin your journey to become a professional photographer.

Set a professional price

Many starting photographers price their packages way lower than professionals. This is because they think that they are not ‘as good as those people’ and thus think that they shouldn’t be selling at the same price. Apparently, the image sticks with them and it becomes hard to crawl up from that hole they dug themselves.

Although it does not mean that you set your price as high as 5-number figures that go close to 6 numbers, it’s wise that you do your research on how people perceive pricing. Have you learned why people use 9 a lot as the last number of their prices? Will that positively impact your image or not?

Set a professional standard from the get go

Obviously, you also need to work your best to provide a professional standard of a wedding photographer Cardiff like www.kateadamsphotography.com, too. The reason I said ‘work your best’ is that there’s no specific way for you to really prove your work as you’ve never worked on one on your own. The fact is that we all have to start somewhere and try our best, so there you go.

It’s important that you emphasize on how you prioritize quality right from the start even though you don’t have experience as long as others have. If you have experience of working with a professional wedding photographer, that is also good. You can briefly talk about it with your client and if you are allowed to, show some pictures that you took.

Spend more time in preparation

Being a beginner makes preparation even more important. While you might have done a lot of research and learning, those are never the same as doing things firsthand. Because of that, you have to anticipate before problems arise. You should visit the venue first and spend some time getting used to how it looks like.

Whenever you get to speak to your clients, ask any questions on the wedding to make things clear. You can also ask about their itinerary and then consider how you should position yourself and when should you roam to take guest pictures, too.

Be confident

One of the most important qualities that allows people to immediately judge you as professional is being confident. Be confident of where you stand, how you shoot, and what you shoot. You don’t want to look like you don’t know what you’re doing in front of your clients. They don’t want to feel like they’ve paid a hefty price for an amateur that doesn’t understand what’s going on either.

Of course, it’s something that can be easily achieved for a wedding photographer Cardiff if you’ve done everything on the above, such as setting a professional price and promising professional service.

Recipe to Adorable Baby Pictures: Happy Moms and Happy Babies

baby photographyThere’s nothing more important than content mothers and their babies when doing baby photography, except for your camera. If many other photographers and articles are bugging you with accessories, poses, and creative ideas, we want to bug you with how to keep babies happy, like what you see in http://www.alanhutchison.co.uk.

Parents don’t exactly hope for you to come up with a completely unique way of capturing babies or dangerous stunts to do it. Most of the time, they simply want a cute memento of when their children were still this small and this cute. So, using the same theme over and over again (like cake smash, or astronaut theme)is totally fine because that’s what parents expect.

The main issue lies in how will you serve your baby to make sure he/she is not uncomfortable and can enjoy the session. This means we’d like to expect laughing babies, although crying faces are also welcome (they’re so adorable when they cry, too, don’t you agree?). Parents love their children no matter what kind of face they make, so that does not really matter, but it does not mean you only gloomy faces and pictures of crying babies!

Make the room comfortable

Set it to a temperature that you know the baby will enjoy. Depending on whether they are wearing clothes or not, keep it at a warm temperature. The range should not go beyond 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Get to know the baby

When parents and their babies arrive, try to get close to the little one. One of the problem in many baby photography sessions are shy babies. They are not moving as much or expressing the way parents expect them to be due to the face that you, a stranger, is in a close proximity to them. It takes time to get close to them, so try to fasten it up by playing with them and parents, helping with putting the clothes on, and smile a lot. It’s contagious.

Make the parents comfortable

Parents won’t be in the frame most of the time, so you’d want them to really sit back and enjoy as they wait for the session to finish. Prepare some refreshment and reading materials for parents to pass the time. Try to provide things that parents or women would enjoy in general, such as parenting magazines, fashion magazines, or baby magazines.

Ask for help

At times, you might need parents’ help to get the baby to open up. They listen to their parents better. Try to ask them to direct the baby to the object and focus on it. For example, you’d want parents to intrigue their baby towards the cake in a cake smash session. Whatever their reaction is towards it: anger, curiosity, or even ignorance is another matter.

“It’s okay!”

Babies make a mess. That’s a given. And, it’s part of your job, so making a fuss out of it is just simply ridiculous. Tell the parents, if they feel guilty, that it’s totally okay!

This also demands you to learn how to clean up after babies and what materials should you use. Remember to use ]only reliable baby products and hypoallergenic materials.

Smart Wedding Planning Details Worth Knowing

Consider the venue when decorating.

wedding photographer SouthamptonThe venue in itself will already end up costing you so much more money than you would probably think. As a matter of fact, it has been a common statistic for weddings in general to have the venue eat up roughly around 20% or perhaps even more of the total wedding budget. You can’t waste more money on the embellishment of the place. This is something that you can actually conveniently work around in by ensuring that you look for something that is already well decorated or something that is at least already decorated according to your liking so far. If you don’t really trust your own opinion or views on the matter, it would be wise for you to bring in professionals who have been working in the wedding industry for the longest time running from the wedding photographer Southampton, planner, and perhaps even the entertainers that you are bringing in. the more eyes you get to take a look at the venue, the better it will be for you because it technically means that you have fresh perspectives, perspectives that you would not have had if you trusted your own opinions alone.

Send the thank you notes early.

This is something that your guests will be able to appreciate the most. Attending a wedding, your wedding in particular, is bound to cost them a little bit of money on the side be it on the gifts that they give out to you and to your partner up to the transportation, clothes they wear, or even the airfare and accommodations that they have to pay for out of pocket if they happen to be abroad or something fairly similar to that. Make sure that the thank you notes have been arranged for and scheduled to be sent out ahead of time so that the guests receive them a day or two after the wedding. If you wait until after the honeymoon before you send them out, there wouldn’t be that much impact to them so think ahead of the game and send them out early while you still have the time to do so. Give your wedding photographer Southampton and other vendors thank you notes as well because without them, the wedding day would not have been possible.

Match the bouquet with the dress.

This is not a detail that most of the brides out there get to think about beforehand but this is something that is actually well worth noting because of the fact that it tends to affect the overall visuals. Your bouquet and your wedding dress are two of the most iconic elements that make up your wedding ensemble. To pick colors that clash or don’t match will be putting good money to waste so at least coordinate the colors as much as you possibly can.

Spend time with the guests.

Go around and thank them for their presence and for all of the troubles that they went through just to show their support for you and for your partner by being there during the day of your wedding. It’s tiring and smiling can take a toll on you at times but it is a small price to pay to show your gratitude to them.

Signs That You’ve Chosen the Right Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer EssexIt is best that you consider your choice very carefully. After all the preparations and money invested on the wedding party, your wedding photographer Essex will decide the quality of the only book that bears the record and the only thing that accompanies you and your partner through your new journey.

Style that works for you

No one photographers are the same. They all develop their own style, although they can be categorized based on their basic approach. Whatever it is, as you scroll through different wedding pictures that you can find on the Internet, decide what kind of style that like. Would you love to see you and your partner in there? Question yourself like this will help you in finding the right style for you.

Not just everyone will work

Two photographers can approach by saying that they have the same style and ways of seeing weddings, but trust me, they will never be the same. Getting to know more about your wedding photographer Essex and seeing more of their works will give you a stronger image that differentiate them.

Quality > Quantity

This is by far one of the biggest sign of a quality-oriented photographers. Chances are: they cost a lot more and booking them requires a waiting list as far as 2 years ahead. The reasons are because:

  • They take their time in editing and printing bespoke albums of every clients. They want to make sure that they are not rushed and are trully delivering the best.
  • They will take limited amount of weddings; just what they can handle. Typically, a single photographer can take up to 35 weddings a year or around 2-3 a month.

Despite the extra hundred dollars you might be spending on the same package, same number of photographer but different person/studio, you can be sure that the best wedding photographers are focused and will take special care in creating your wedding album.

Bespoke album

For studio or photographers that emply bespoke album to their packages, it may take even longer time to finish one, however the results will definitely worth it. Such book is made and designed by and only for you and your partner, a trully special book!


Many photographers work in many kind of photography, however, wedding photography is one that you need to delve deep into to produce great masterpieces. This is what you will want to see from your photographers. The best wedding photographers shoot weddings and focus on only that by showing multiple portfolios, entering competition, training and gaining awards to prove their skills and competence.


When unavailable

At the most unwanted cases, photographers may face problems and unwanted conditions that rendering them from taking complete or part of your party. No one expects this to happen, but just in case it happens, and you know that you will be so damned it does, this insurance should state that there will be a replacement or some other way to keep the photography going and still within the promised quality. Read the contract carefully before signing.


Many things can happen in a party of hundreds of guests attending. Insured photographers can save you the time from having to explain and going through a long, sour discussion about liabilities. Things like theft, accidents, and broken equipment caused unintentionally by guests could happen.

Good Points To Remember When Planning A Wedding

Always think things through at all times.

Cheshire wedding photographer When you are approaching each and every single decision and task with a certain sense of purpose and with all of the angles covered and thought out properly, you are bound to have something worth considering in the first place and this can only work out to your every advantage at the end of the day. The wedding is not something that you should be taking lightly and neither are the decisions that you should be taking leading up to the big and momentous day. Pay attention and focus at all times because this is the only way for you to get things done so far.

Learn how to prioritize all of the things that you have been trying to do and make sure that before you take a step, that you have already thought out all of the possible results and even consequences of what you need to do. You can be impulsive with other things but the wedding is not something that you ought to be impulsive about at any point in time. Be careful and regard everything with caution and make sure that your steps are all measured and preplanned or premeditated as much as possible. Think about the Cheshire wedding photographer that you would like to hire and the preferred photography style. Think things through and you will never have to regret anything so far.

Send your thank you notes early.

When you send out your thank you notes early, you don’t have to worry about them getting to your guests on time and this takes a lot off of your mind during the honeymoon. The honeymoon is just as important as the wedding day itself, perhaps even more important. It will map out the rest of your life and how your relationship goes with your spouse and you need to make sure that everything pans out perfectly so far. Having to worry about stuff such as manually sending out the thank you notes can put a damper on the otherwise ethereal and dream like feel of your honeymoon so getting then done ahead of time will actually be doing you a bit of a favour at the end of the day. Give out thank you notes to your Cheshire wedding photographer and other vendors as well.

Take time to say hi or hello to everyone.

People went out of their way to be there for you during the wedding day. They had to apply for leaves, make arrangements with their schedules, and at times even travel a great deal just for them to be able to show their support and love for you. The least you can do for them is to shake their hand or give them a hug and let them personally know how much you appreciate their presence during one of the most momentous days of your life. These are great moments for your Cheshire wedding photographer to capture. Maurice Roberts Photography has some of the most emotional couple-guest interactions captured on photo.

Treat your single friends well.

Weddings can be a tough time for people around 30 years old and above because of the constant pressure that society tends to put on them so be understanding about this and try to make it as fun and as painless as you possibly can for them. Seat them alongside company that they will actually enjoy and don’t group them off along with the rest of the singles, making them feel like pariahs during the wedding reception party.

What To Have In Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit


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Something as simple as this is one of the top priorities and essentials but you have to understand the fact that there will be so much going on during the day of the wedding that you are bound to forget about it when it all comes down to it. Your hair can go all crazy and you might end up having frizz in it in the middle of the wedding day. The hairspray can turn out to be a quick fix. You don’t need to have a lot of it so having a few in a handy spray bottle should do the trick just fine. There are a lot of other uses for hairspray that will really get to come in handy, mind you. For example, if you happen to have a run in your stockings, a few spritzes of hairspray can turn out to be the perfect band aid solution so make sure that you have one ready so that you have everything that you could possibly need and more.

Another useful hack involving hairsprays is that you can actually use this to avoid getting your feet to slip when you are walking around in heels. This is a little secret that runway models share in general. Ever wondered how the shoes tend to stick to their feet all the time even despite after hours and hours of walking around and possibly getting sweaty? It’s because they sprayed on some hairspray before putting them on. It would be better for your wedding photographer UK to capture shots of you not tripping on your feet while you are walking down the aisle, mind you.

Talcum powder

It will do wonders for how your feet feel like, especially when you have new wedding shoes to take care of. You can sprinkle some in between your toes so that you can get rid of the sweat. This can turn out to be particularly helpful for you especially if you are dealing with a particularly humid wedding day so far. There are so many things that you need to prep for when it all comes down to it. Talcum powder can turn out to be a really great solution for that so make sure that this is what you take into account when you are planning out your wedding day emergency kit. The comfort that you have or that you are feeling should mean quite a difference at the end of the day. Your wedding photographer UK wouldn’t have a hard time trying to capture great looking photos of you if you aren’t uncomfortable in your own skin all throughout the time that you are there.

Use cornstarch as dry shampoo.

You should know ahead of time that you ought to shower up during the day of the wedding. Showing up with clean hair will be doing your makeup artist a favour and this is what you ought to take into account as much as possible. However, in case you get caught up into a sticky situation, a little bit of cornstarch will serve as the perfect all natural dry shampoo so think about that and keep it handy in your emergency wedding kit while you are at it. It helps out a lot if your wedding photographer UK doesn’t capture shots of you with greasy looking hair.

Allergens can be anywhere from the food that you and your guests eat to the pollens coming from the wedding flowers. Prevention is always better than cure and having some in your emergency kit for the wedding will be really wise.