Have charging stations ready.

wedding photographer WimbledonThis is the age and dawn of technology and people will be on their smart phones all the time, communicating, taking photos and videos and the like. They are bound to run low on their phone batteries at some point or so during a long wedding. And yes, it can get on pretty long. It would be the most awesome courtesy you can extend to your wedding guests if you make sure that they are well taken care of through charging stations and the like. It doesn’t need to cost you anything extra, either. All you need to do is to just request your venue to set up a corner that has a bank of electrical outlets that will allow your guests to charge their phones whenever they are running low. You can even go as far as ensuring that they have all of the types of chargers, whether they have iPhone or android phones and so on and so forth. Another great foresight for you to have would be to make sure that your wedding photographer Wimbledon is well taken care of as well. The wedding day can be long and he might run out of batteries too. A nice spot for him to quickly recharge his spares will ensure that everything will be covered for without him missing a beat.

Play wedding games.

Weddings should be fun and exciting and one way for you to bring that into reality is by ensuring that you incorporate some games during the wedding reception that you and the rest of your wedding guests will be able to enjoy. Go beyond the throw the bouquet ritual or the usual garter thing. You can be as creative and as experimental as you would like to be. Try to research on other possibilities. The internet is stock filled with them and this is something that you ought to make the most out of. It is something that is for free, after all. your wedding guests will be amazed at the uniqueness and the fresh ideas brought along for the games and you can be rest assured that this is bound to help them interact with you as well as with the others during the wedding reception party.

Give out useful wedding favors.

Wedding favors are extra costs that you can do without so unless your heart is really into it, there is no reason why you should absolutely require yourself to bring one out for your guests. If you are feeling adventurous though and you would like to give out wedding favors without running up the costs, you can always go for useful ones that you and your bridal party can make yourselves from jams to anything DIY or handcrafted and so on and so forth. The sky’s the limit when it comes to this. You can even get the cake expertly cut and packaged and send them out along with the guests.

Scrap the traditions.

If they don’t work for you, there really isn’t any reason why you should tie yourself down with them at any point in time. talk to your wedding photographer Wimbledon about what the usual traditions are and pick ones that work for you and for your partner and do away with the stuff that you don’t really care for that much.