natural funeral flowersIt isn’t wrong to say that someone’s death anniversary means more than their birthday. More than ever, we want to show our deepest respect for the people who are left. It’s our last goodbye and we want to be able to at least present the most suitable natural funeral flowers.

Sometimes, it’s not about getting the most beautiful, but also meaningful and flowers that are not offensive. Because of this, learning the etiquette is important. Of course, most of the time the florists are capable enough to help you but understanding it yourself can prevent more heartbreak and embarrassment at the funeral.

Are flowers always appreciated?

Yes, the flower is a very lovely language that is vibrating with life and beauty, yet silent and a very patient observer. It’s always suitable to order flowers for any kind of funeral even if they mentioned that you should make donations in lieu of flowers.

In that case, you can make a separate donation first and then send the flowers to the loved ones of the deceased. A heartfelt gift like this will always be appreciated.

Should I go with ‘somber’ or ‘vibrant’ colored flowers?

Most of the time, we want to show our respect for the family, yet, we do not want to contribute to the already gloomy atmosphere. We want to give a vibrant colored flower arrangements hope that the family can quickly regain their composure and be able to move on for the deceased one. But we also want to show that we, too, feel the loss.

Both are fine. Most family members truly appreciate them and as long as you accompany them with heartfelt condolences messages, don’t worry about having your intention misinterpreted. You can also find for better advice and idea in choosing the right natural funeral flowers for you.

Casket flowers: Should I put some?

Casket flowers are usually meant for the family members or the people who are really close to the deceased one. If you’re not sure, you can ask the loved ones of the deceased if you can put one for respect.

When you don’t know which flowers to use, you can start with a type of flower that the deceased might have loved. You can also consider the favorite color of the deceased one. If you never had a clue about it, you should consult with your florist about it and discuss which flower is most suitable and meaningful to be put on the casket.

Remember that this is a hard time for the loved ones. If you happen to be rejected, appreciate the decision they made and send sympathy flowers instead.

Funeral flowers or sympathy flowers?

Natural funeral flowers that tend to be made into a wreath to put the deceased picture on is usually called funeral flowers. Whereas the ones that we send to the loved ones that are left are called sympathy flowers.

Funeral flowers, such as a wreath, are meant to respect the deceased one while sympathy flowers are to show sympathy with the left ones. The name is meant to differentiate the purpose of the flowers and with each, different ways to arrange them exist.