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What Does Your Leeds Wedding Photographer Mean with Documentary Style?

Leeds wedding photographerOne of the most often used style in taking wedding pictures is the reportage style. You might have come across a site of a professional Leeds wedding photographer with the word reportage or documentary style. You might have some guests about it and some of you might not be sure what that’s about.

So, here’s a brief guide of what it is and what is a good reportage style in wedding photography.

Documentary or reportage

The two terms can be used interchangeably as they mean the same thing. It is a style that is often used by journalists who wish to capture pictures of an event. They document the event, aiming to not miss a single thing and wants to tell the story of the day through those pictures. They deliver the message and feeling of the people in that event through those pictures.

As wedding photography only began to gain popularity after the photographers who worked in war zones had nothing to shoot post-war, this is the most popular style until today. But no worries! The style that we know today isn’t the same as we had back in those days. Everything changes according to trend and the taste of people today. There’s also the fact that cameras have gained much advancement!

Monochrome and candid

Back in the days, wedding photography was never a service that couples would personally hire. There will be a bunch of photographers who’ll stop by, take pictures, and offer to sell those pictures to the people there. That’s also why the pictures would look candid all the time and, obviously, in black and white.

But today, the meaning of these two results is different. If you stop by Kirsty Mattson Photography, you will see the result of the pictures taken by a professional Leeds wedding photographer. If you compare the results between colored and black and white pictures, we tend to get more nostalgic for the latter. That’s what photographers aim. You might like it because of how it looks authentic and elegant.

Candid is the way in the documentary because it won’t be so if the people keep looking at the cameras all the time. But hold up! It does not mean the pictures will all be candid. There will be time to take posed and formal pictures. The same applies to black and white effect. Not every picture you have will be in black and white only.

Working method

Different photographers will work in a different way for your wedding pictures. But there are still some things that you can see in every Leeds wedding photographer with reportage style. That is how those photographers tend to work behind the scene.

They usually remain quiet behind the scene, capturing one moment after another without missing a thing. Because of this, they tend to be careful about their planning and make sure to know what will happen by getting your itinerary first. They will plan everything, capturing things from angles you didn’t know would look good for you. You should enjoy this method as it practically will not disturb you at all!

Cool Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Get married on campus!

leeds wedding photographerWhat most people don’t realize is the fact that there are a lot of old universities that have the most picturesque and interesting backgrounds and this is what you should go ahead and try to look into especially when you are searching out what your possible options will turn out to be for the wedding at the end of the day. Getting married on campus will actually cost you next to nothing. If you are alumni of the school, you can even perhaps get the venue for free if you happen to talk to all of the right people while you are at it. The thing is that most of the wedding venues out there actually charge a premium when it is held out for a wedding in particular and if you have a small wedding budget to work with, the financial blow can be quite damaging.

Opting for a campus wedding is not only out of the box, it is also something that can save you an awful lot of money somewhere in the process and this is something that you should definitely look into because it will be well worth your time when it all comes down to it. Don’t limit the choices to your own university alone. Scope out all of the universities in your local area, even the ones that you didn’t graduate from because you will never know what you are going to find until you actually seek your options out. Talk to your Leeds wedding photographer about any suggestions he might have that could help you out a bit when you are looking for a place to book.

Hold your reception in a restaurant.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. You don’t have to worry about them setting up and bringing the plates and the rest of the cutlery along with them because you have it all in one place with the ambiance to boot. More than that, when you book a restaurant, more often than not, you don’t even have to pay for the place anymore. It is usually all consumable on the food and this is what you should be checking out one way or the other. Booking in a restaurant is a really sensible choice for you and for your partner. This also means that you will have a lot of money set aside for things like extra plates of food for your Leeds wedding photographer and the other vendors that matter the most to you and that might have a lot of impact to the overall results that you have been hoping for in the wedding.

A courthouse wedding won’t hurt, either.

They have everything mapped out and set out for you the right way and these places are usually old enough to have that historic vibe and décor that you and your Leeds wedding photographer can make the most out of. You can always hold the reception venue somewhere else.

Don’t be pressured into a sit-down dinner.

You can go for a late evening wedding and opt to serve hors d’oeuvres instead. You can also go for a brunch wedding and opt for a light breakfast table or spread instead. The point here is that a plated approach to catering is usually expensive and not the best way to go so you should consider other options.