wedding photographer AdelaideThe taboos that wedding photographers should never do are back! We know that this is not a new thing but is always worth repeating. You know, just in case someone comes to the wedding with a fedora.

Make sure you avoid doing these 5 things and no one will hate you. Promise.

Setting up a camera in front of posing a couple

In other words, unprepared. A wedding photographer Adelaide that makes his subjects wait for him to set everything up? No offense, but the couple is so busy on that day that waiting for you aren’t supposed to in their schedule. Prepare your gears before the wedding day and make sure you know which setting to use for which pose or location.

First consultation

The first meeting always says it all about you. Let’s face it, we judge people even before we talk to them from when they enter the room, their smile, their expressions, their movements. Did you, perhaps, remember that others judge you the same way as well?

A lot of photographers don’t take their first consultation seriously probably because they know that many who come never find them back for the second time. We understand that, but part of it was probably because you didn’t present yourself well enough on the first date.

Hates the rain

The rain is the enemy of wedding photography. Wrong! If you make natural phenomenon as your enemy, you are going to make yourself hard. Face it; rain happens if it wants to, not because it wants to curse the day or make your day worse. If you have the guts and creativity to handle it, you wouldn’t think so badly of the gloomy weather.

Check out some work by a wedding photographer Adelaide at to prove yourself wrong.  If you just prepare in advance and understand that rain will happen sooner or later, you will be ready when it actually happens and still get great shots.

Flash everything dark

Does everything dark have to lit up? Well, if it’s dark, the obvious action is to turn up the light. If the location is dark, that’s where the flash functions. But, remember, your job is not to become a journalist, but a wedding photographer. Creativity is needed in all conditions let it be rain or dark outdoors. How you handle is the key here.

Not everything has to brighten up. Have you ever thought of light painting photography? That’s one type of photography that can only be done in the dark and you don’t need your flash to do it. Make use of the dark for your photography because there is always a way.

No backup!

This is the worst. Once you run out of battery, that’s it. The party has to stop just to wait for you to charge your camera. You never know what can happen in the middle of the job and the party can never stop or wait. You have to be quick and ready to take pictures of everything.

Your back up gears should include at least one extra of everything: camera, battery, lens, memory card, as a wedding photographer Adelaide.