Connect with clients

natural wedding photographyMake it a point to really connect with your clients in natural wedding photography. If you would like to pull off this particular kind of photography style, then you need to go out of your way to really have that kind of rapport and connection with your clients that can go beyond what is just superficial. At some point or so, you will need to really get to know them on a deeper kind of level when it all comes down to it. Talk to your clients. One great way for you to go ahead and break the ice would be to meet with them and to discuss things with them.

Draft up about 10-15 questions about them and about their personalities.

Try to find out the story behind their live story and try to see if you can paint a picture out of the details that they are giving out to you. If you feel as if there are a few pieces lacking here and there, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask them about it. As a wedding photographer, you should be in on the secret of what their relationship is all about because this is the best way for you to equip yourself in a natural wedding photography shoot.

Focus on the moment

Focus on the moment as it unfurls during the natural wedding photography shoot. Be in the moment and live in the moment. That is the only way for you to really capture them as they go along during the wedding event. This sounds nice and all that but the amount of work and focus that goes on behind those words can actually be a little too much for some people. In order for you to really follow thru on natural wedding photography, you need to stay dedicated and focused to it on a different kind of level the entire time that you are there. This also means that you will be required to stay fast and to keep up with the flow of events as they fly by. You need to be physically fit and mentally alert at all times. If not, you will definitely miss out on a lot of those photo worthy moments that are the main ingredients in what makes a substantial natural wedding photo album at the end of the day. If you can find out what the sequence is ahead of time so that you can anticipate the next event that’s about to happen, even better.

Manage expectations.

Manage the expectations of your natural wedding photography clients when it comes to extra work hours on your end. In order for you to get to the nitty gritty of natural wedding photography, you need to get the behind the scenes shots as well and those only happen before and way after the wedding prep work. It means that you might need to bill your clients at least a couple more hours than usual. Let them understand this and try to see if you can get their buy in on this before you proceed. This is so that you don’t end up working extra hours for free just to get the shots that you need.