Month: January 2018

Recipe to Adorable Baby Pictures: Happy Moms and Happy Babies

baby photographyThere’s nothing more important than content mothers and their babies when doing baby photography, except for your camera. If many other photographers and articles are bugging you with accessories, poses, and creative ideas, we want to bug you with how to keep babies happy, like what you see in

Parents don’t exactly hope for you to come up with a completely unique way of capturing babies or dangerous stunts to do it. Most of the time, they simply want a cute memento of when their children were still this small and this cute. So, using the same theme over and over again (like cake smash, or astronaut theme)is totally fine because that’s what parents expect.

The main issue lies in how will you serve your baby to make sure he/she is not uncomfortable and can enjoy the session. This means we’d like to expect laughing babies, although crying faces are also welcome (they’re so adorable when they cry, too, don’t you agree?). Parents love their children no matter what kind of face they make, so that does not really matter, but it does not mean you only gloomy faces and pictures of crying babies!

Make the room comfortable

Set it to a temperature that you know the baby will enjoy. Depending on whether they are wearing clothes or not, keep it at a warm temperature. The range should not go beyond 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Get to know the baby

When parents and their babies arrive, try to get close to the little one. One of the problem in many baby photography sessions are shy babies. They are not moving as much or expressing the way parents expect them to be due to the face that you, a stranger, is in a close proximity to them. It takes time to get close to them, so try to fasten it up by playing with them and parents, helping with putting the clothes on, and smile a lot. It’s contagious.

Make the parents comfortable

Parents won’t be in the frame most of the time, so you’d want them to really sit back and enjoy as they wait for the session to finish. Prepare some refreshment and reading materials for parents to pass the time. Try to provide things that parents or women would enjoy in general, such as parenting magazines, fashion magazines, or baby magazines.

Ask for help

At times, you might need parents’ help to get the baby to open up. They listen to their parents better. Try to ask them to direct the baby to the object and focus on it. For example, you’d want parents to intrigue their baby towards the cake in a cake smash session. Whatever their reaction is towards it: anger, curiosity, or even ignorance is another matter.

“It’s okay!”

Babies make a mess. That’s a given. And, it’s part of your job, so making a fuss out of it is just simply ridiculous. Tell the parents, if they feel guilty, that it’s totally okay!

This also demands you to learn how to clean up after babies and what materials should you use. Remember to use ]only reliable baby products and hypoallergenic materials.

Smart Wedding Planning Details Worth Knowing

Consider the venue when decorating.

wedding photographer SouthamptonThe venue in itself will already end up costing you so much more money than you would probably think. As a matter of fact, it has been a common statistic for weddings in general to have the venue eat up roughly around 20% or perhaps even more of the total wedding budget. You can’t waste more money on the embellishment of the place. This is something that you can actually conveniently work around in by ensuring that you look for something that is already well decorated or something that is at least already decorated according to your liking so far. If you don’t really trust your own opinion or views on the matter, it would be wise for you to bring in professionals who have been working in the wedding industry for the longest time running from the wedding photographer Southampton, planner, and perhaps even the entertainers that you are bringing in. the more eyes you get to take a look at the venue, the better it will be for you because it technically means that you have fresh perspectives, perspectives that you would not have had if you trusted your own opinions alone.

Send the thank you notes early.

This is something that your guests will be able to appreciate the most. Attending a wedding, your wedding in particular, is bound to cost them a little bit of money on the side be it on the gifts that they give out to you and to your partner up to the transportation, clothes they wear, or even the airfare and accommodations that they have to pay for out of pocket if they happen to be abroad or something fairly similar to that. Make sure that the thank you notes have been arranged for and scheduled to be sent out ahead of time so that the guests receive them a day or two after the wedding. If you wait until after the honeymoon before you send them out, there wouldn’t be that much impact to them so think ahead of the game and send them out early while you still have the time to do so. Give your wedding photographer Southampton and other vendors thank you notes as well because without them, the wedding day would not have been possible.

Match the bouquet with the dress.

This is not a detail that most of the brides out there get to think about beforehand but this is something that is actually well worth noting because of the fact that it tends to affect the overall visuals. Your bouquet and your wedding dress are two of the most iconic elements that make up your wedding ensemble. To pick colors that clash or don’t match will be putting good money to waste so at least coordinate the colors as much as you possibly can.

Spend time with the guests.

Go around and thank them for their presence and for all of the troubles that they went through just to show their support for you and for your partner by being there during the day of your wedding. It’s tiring and smiling can take a toll on you at times but it is a small price to pay to show your gratitude to them.